Bettamed®, has been researched at over 7 research facilities, to prove the health benefits associated with the high-performance anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects of CHD-FA.

Bettamed harnesses the immune function and potent disease resistance of the most vigorously growing and resilient plant species. Bettamed® uses these potent plant properties and harnesses the plants’ own disease resistance.

Bettamed’s Intensive range of products, is effective in helping combat persistent and resistant infection. The mainstay of our treatments is Bettamed® Cleanse & Recover in liquid or tablet form.


The active ingredient acts like a cell-inhibitor, by binding with the outside of viruses and bacteria- passing it out of the body through the urine or feces. Flushing infection augments the body’s natural cleansing and cell protection processes.

CHD-FA sustains Immune resistance and calms skin allergies.


Nutrients and vitamins are absorbed in more effective and concentrated quantities which allows the body to repair and renew itself. Bettamed® is very important for people under stress or affected by chronic illness- as a source of protection, which they may otherwise lack.

Our tablets or liquid, can be used at much lower doses on a daily basis- as an energy tonic.

Available nationwide at selected pharmacies and health stores. Bettamed products are non-toxic, Eco-friendly and contain no preservatives, colorants, alcohol or fragrances.