Energy & Immune Function

immune_products-Improves Overall Health and Appearance!

CHD-FA (Carbohydrate Derived-Fulvic Acid)- unique to Bettamed™, is able to assist with both internal and external immune-relevant issues– improving both quality of life and overall appearance.

The benefit of a properly functioning immune system is improved overall well being and skin condition, resistance to common infections and the ability to suppress allergic reactions.

People who benefit from taking Bettamed™:

  • People with chronic or acute diseases and conditions like, TB, Diabetes, Eczema Asthma, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Sinus Infections, which stresses the immune system, diminishing it’s capacity to deal with infection and allergies.
  • People on chronic medication (which interferes with nutrient absorption and energy levels),
  • Mothers’ who are breastfeeding,
  • Children with poor immune systems,
  • Athletes in training,
  • People with recurring viral sores (like cold sores),
  • People with allergies (especially itchy skin or prone to rashes),
  • People with acne prone skin,
  • People with recurring fungal infections (like Candida),
  • People recuperating from illness and operations,
  • People with slow healing wounds and burns,
  • Cancer patients receiving chemotherapy and radiation.


Over 7 research facilities, confirm that CHD-FA acts as a catalytic agent, “nature’s spark plug”, in our biological systems. This triggers effective nutrient absorption, rebuilds depleted immune systems, and speeds wound healing. Colds and flu symptoms are experienced, as less severe and, of shorter duration.

Bettamed™ also helps the body’s cells to maintain their balance and its anti-inflammatory action reduces allergy symptoms, eczema, rashes and inflammation.

Bettamed brings order and energy to the body at a cellular level, and aids with nutrient absorption, which is fundamental to a properly functioning immune system.

Studies in Germany, have shown that fulvic acid promotes healing; stimulates cellular and bone regeneration; and inhibits infection. 17, 18, 19 This ingredient also has the ability to control inflammation in the body, thus helping reduce skin inflammation (like eczema) and joint pain.

Bettamed™ has developed an intensive range of products for resistant and recurrent infections, and immune support. The active ingredient in the Bettamed product range is CHD- FA (carbohydrate derived- fulvic acid); which makes it the only immune supplement with the added benefit of Anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Bettamed’s active ingredient will attach itself to any infection or pollution, in the blood-stream and remove it from the body, as waste.

Selenium & L-Glutamine, also in Bettamed, significantly improves the health of critically ill patients. These patients regain their health and heal more quickly.

People battling with slow-healing; and non-healing wounds, benefit from using Bettamed Immune Supplement, in conjunction with our plant-based ointment and the Bettamed Oxygen Spray (to clean the wound). These products are designed to work together, with an emphasis on controlling infection and inflammation, while encouraging tissue formation. (Harsh disinfectants are known to damage new tissue).

Bettamed products are safe for use by adults, children and the elderly.

Paid for by most major medical aids.