Candida / Thrush

Candida (aka Thrush) is a common infection, which is on the increase due to the use of antibiotics, the birth control pill, stress and carbohydrate filled diets (eg. sugars and breads).

This fungal infection can be passed from partner to partner, with the male partner often not having symptoms at all. Male partners should be treated whether they have symptoms or not.

This infection is often resistant, recurrent and persistent, which be can be really annoying!!

The vaginal area can become red and raw from itching (also burning).

Often recurring Candida, is likely to start a few days before menstruation, when the PH in the vagina changes and becomes an ideal environment for Candida to flourish

Bettamed Cleanse & Recover tablets (80’s or 180’s)-work internally to:

  • Dissolve the cell walls of fungus in the bloodstream
  • Help combat resistant fungal infections
  • Do not require a prescription
  • Are natural and safe

Studies carried out in Europe have shown that CHD-FA® (in Bettamed) has a broader and more potent anti-fungal spectrum, than any conventional prescribed treatment.

Bettamed CARE Cream 50g is:

  • a “Sensitive” Cream which is natural, and
  • can be applied to delicate areas – to relieve burning, soreness and itching.

Bettamed has 

  • No preservatives
  • No artificial colorants
  • No side effects