Candida / Thrush

The Cause of Candida (aka Thrush) is a fungal infection, of which there are different species:  Candida Albicans, Candida Krusei and Candida Glabrata.

It is is a common fungal infection, which is on the increase due to the use of antibiotics, the birth control pill, stress and is fuled by carbohydrate filled diets (eg. sugars, rice and breads).

This fungal infection can be passed from partner to partner, with the male partner often not having symptoms at all. Male partners should be treated whether they have symptoms or not.

This infection is often resistant, recurrent and persistent, which be can be really annoying!!

Candida Symptoms

The vaginal area can become red and raw from itching (also burning).

Often recurring Candida, is likely to start a few days before menstruation, when the PH in the vagina changes and becomes an ideal environment for Candida to flourish. Resistant Candida like Krusei and Candida Glabrata (seen in the laboratory more and more) seem to resist common prescribed treatments.

Candida Treatment

You can use CHD-FA to treat all forms of pathogenic Candida yeast infections including skin, genital and digestive system infections. CHD-FA works to inhibit the virulence or infection-causing power of Candida.

It does this by several different mechanisms:

  • Candida can change from its standard yeast form to the hyphal form, which is much more capable of causing infections. CHD-FA interferes with morphogenesis, which is the name of this process.
  • Candida can adhere to the surfaces in your body, which increases its infectivity. CHD-FA dissoles the cell walls of fungus and destroys the
  • CHD-FA combats biofilms. A biofilm is a colony of microbes that exude sticky material which forms a matrix or grid. That nasty coating on your teeth in the morning? That’s one example of a biofilm. It’s estimated that almost 70% of all infections that require treatment are due to biofilm formation. They can form on a medical device, an organ, or on a surface tissue. CHD-FA is an extremely small molecule. It is electrically charged, and able to disrupt and penetrate the biofilm and microbial cell membranes. Ultimately this affects how well Candida can cause disease.
  • CHD-FA creates a more challenging environment for invasive pathogenic Candida. In addition to this it promotes a healthy environment for probiotic, or friendly bacteria which support a balanced microbiome. A healthy gut microbiome means improved health all over your body.

Bettamed Cleanse & Recover capsules (40’s or 90’s)- work internally

Carbohydrate derived fulvic acid (CHD-FA) is best taken in concentrated capsules or liquid form. CHD-FA is plant-sourced and Patented for its Purity. You should take these capsules with meals, twice daily.

The capsules are particularly effective because they slow the release of the CHD-FA, allowing its anti-fungal properties to take effect in your intestinal tract.

It is hard to get your dose of fulvic acid straight from the natural source: since soils and food-sources are depleted by commercial farming. Ground sourced fulvic is contaminated with heavy-metals.

Bettameds CHD-FA has the added anti-oxidant benefit of binding with toxins and removing them from the bloodstream –as waste. This reduces “die off” symptoms considerably.

Bettamed “Cleanse & Recover” capsules (or liquid) acid is renowned for its ability to kill Candida cells, and also for restoring normal acidity levels in the stomach. Taking Bettamed capsules during your treatment can get your intestinal tract back in shape and help to prevent cells from growing again. Much of our Research has been done by Prof. Peter Warn at Euprotec.

CHD-FA works by dissolving the cell walls of the Candida yeast. Thanks to its natural ability to move through the cell walls of yeast relatively easily. It’s then able to inhibit the growth of the yeast by effectively destroying the yeast cell.

Mechanism of action:
The active ingredient dissolves the cell walls of fungus.
This manages to kill-off the fungal cycle.

Studies carried out in Europe have shown that CHD-FA® (in Bettamed) has a broader and more potent anti-fungal spectrum, than any conventional prescribed treatment.

Repeated studies have shown CHD-FA to be an effective treatment against Candida. Studies by Prof Warn at Euprotec, UK found the fungicidal effect of CHD-FA on Candida Albicans and resistant yeasts to exceed that of prescribed fluconazole such as Diflucan. It’s also much more affordable!

Bettamed CARE Cream 50g is: (voted best natural anti-itch Cream by Natural Medicine magazine)

  • a “Sensitive” relief Cream which is a natural, healing and soothing anti-itch treatment
  • can be applied to delicate areas – to relieve burning, soreness and itching.

CHD-FA can cause a softer stool than usual. Individuals experiencing Candida “Cleanse” or die-off symptoms, may experience symptoms similar to a detox diet. People wanting to avoid “die-off” symptoms will prefer CHD-FA.

Bettamed CHD-FA versus Caprylic Acid

CHD-FA has a much higher safety profile and an even higher Therapeutic Index than Caprylic Acid.


Side-EffectSafety Profile

Reported issues

Caprylic Acid CHD-FABettamed “Cleanse & Recover”
Nausea Yes Very rare
Diarrhoea Yes Rare
Heartburn Yes
Vomiting Yes
Bloating & Stomach Pain Yes Safe for use Helpful for these issues
Low Blood Pressure Yes Safe for use
Not to be taken with: COQ10, Highblood Pressure meds, Anti-inflammatorieseg. Cataflam, Nurofen & Asprin Yes Safe for use
Not to be taken if Breastfeeding Yes Safe for use
Not to be taken if you have liver issues Yes Safe for use
Not to be taken if you have IBS, SIBO, Crohns or any other inflammatory stomach issues Yes Safe for use Helpful for these issues

Bettamed has 

  • No preservatives
  • No artificial colorants
  • No side effects