Probiotics for Pets

Probiotics and Prebiotics for Dogs and Cats

Probiotics and Prebiotics

Digestive health has a huge impact on nearly every important function in your pets body — including the immune system.

Some of the most important players in gut health include probiotics (the good bacteria in the gut) and prebiotics (which feed the probiotics).

Fulvic Acid is a subgroup of humic acids found in nature (soil). Fulvic Acid nutrients are produced when organic plant matter decomposes and millions of nutrients are released, including: trace minerals, electrolytes, fatty acids, prebiotics and probiotics.

Bettamed Fulvic Acid Benefits :

Bettamed continue to innovate high-performance formulas, using evidence-based ingredients to formulate all our products, because efficacy matters.

Because Nutritional Absorption is connected to your pets Immune Strength, and influences their health and vitality.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are common, due to missing minerals in foods.

Researchers consider Bettamed® CHD-FA, pure plant sourced fulvic acid, to be: “the Ultimate Nutrient Booster because of the “Supernutrition Effect”. Besides providing raw nutrients to your Immune Cells; minerals & antioxidants are transported and absorbed much more effectively.”- Dr Josh Axe.

Bettamed’s Carbohydrate Derived Fulvic Acid (CHD-FA) also attaches itself to infection and pollution in the blood-stream, and removes it from the body as waste.

Bettamed® have spent 14 years pioneering the use of patented CHD-FA, Carbohydrate derived fulvic acid: a pure plant-sourced Fulvic Acid, products in South Africa.

Bettamed® Capsules

Bettamed has pioneered the use of Fulvic Acid in South Africa, since 2006. The combined work of: Research Scientists, in the UK and at the University of Pretoria; our chief Biochemist and our doctorate Pharmacist has produced the best Fulvic Acid product in South Africa.

Bettamed capsules (and liquid), are a source of:

  • the best mix of vitamins and a balanced variety of micronutrients,
  • to increase digestive health and optimal nutrient absorption
  • so that your pet can enjoy optimal health, strong healing ability and a healthy coat.

Produced in a GMP laboratory, by Pharmacists, from pure plant material and an evidence-based safety and efficacy profile from independent laboratories.