Treat Bacterial Infections

Acne – (use tablets for 2-3 months)
Sore throats – (use Bettamed Liquid as gargle, & Oxygen Spray)
Boils – (use tablets for 2 months & Oxygen Spray)

Slow Healing Wounds – SEE: Specialised Wound Care on this site
– Leg Ulcers
– Diabetic Ulcers
– Venous Ulcers
– Pressure Sores (Bed Sores)

The active ingredient CHD-FA has:
anti-inflammatory, properties.

Wound Care

We have added Selenium, St John’s Wort Oil and other botanical extracts to aid the healing process.

We have developed a treatment cycle, which is specifically aimed at healing leg ulcers, that need special care.

Cleaning/ debridement and sterile conditions are VERY important factors when it comes to aiding the healing process, in compromised patients (with diabetes and/or venous conditions).

SEE: Specialised Wound Care on this site

Sore Throat

Bettamed Cleanse and Recover (200ml) is ideal for quick relief and a 1-2 day recovery!

Gargle with 1-2 tsp in a half a glass of water 2-3 times daily