Viral Infections

Cold Sores – use Bettamed Cleanse & Recover Cream 25g
Colds and Flu – use Bettamed Capsules 40/90’s
Glandular Fever – use Bettamed Capsules 40/90’s
Immune System Support – use Bettamed Capsules or Liquid
Shingles – use Bettamed Capsule 40/ 90’s

– HIGH DOSES REQUIRED- see Shingles page

Help with COVID/ flu- this YEAR                 

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  • Use Bettamed DBL Strength Capsules (40’s) or (90’s)
  • 2 x Twice per day
  • Increase to 4 Bettamed Capsules- twice per day when ill
  • Add extra Zinc eg. 2 x Zinplex tablets and 1 x 500mg Vitamin C until symptoms disappear.

Bettamed helps shorten the treatment time required for treating these common viral infections.

The active ingredient, CHD-FA, helps remove virus from the bloodstream, without interfering with conventional medicine.

Effective concentrated doses allow the body to repair and renew itself.        Learn more:

Bettamed is very important for people under stress or affected by chronic illness- as a source of protection, which they may otherwise lack.
Our capsules or liquid, can be used at much lower doses on a daily basis- as an energy tonic.

Mechanism of Action:

  • The active ingredient acts like a cell-inhibitor, by binding with the outside of viruses, and passing it out of the body through the urine or faeces.
  • This helps reduce viral activity in the bloodstream.
  • Selenium has been added to Bettamed, in order to help support the immune system, during times of chronic illness.

Available at pharmacies nationally, without prescription.
Can be used with Chronic medication.
Can be used by the whole family, including children, babies and the elderly.