Eczema – Long Term

Treating Long Term Eczema

  • Eczema – use Bettamed Care Cream (50g)
  • Blistered Eczema– use Bettamed Care Cream & Bettamed Oxygen Spray
  • Itching – (if severe-add Bettamed tablets 80/ 180’s to calm system)

Eczema is a growing problem world-wide due to environmental pollution, which is causing an overall increase in allergic conditions.

The condition is a dry, scaly skin condition, that often leads to debilitating itching and scratching. This scratching can also become a habit, and if the sufferer has dirty hands (like children often have), these patches often become infected (weeping sores) and painful.

During a recent eczema trial, sufferers, cited itching- and the attendant lack of sleep, as the most debilitating aspects, related the condition. For more information click here!

Cortisone Creams (steroidal creams)

Cortisone Creams work well to alleviate the symptoms of eczema, with possible serious side-effects. Prolonged topical use of Cortisone Creams, can lead to permanent skin cell change, in the area of use, resulting in thinning of the skin.

This, in turn, produces new skin sensitivities, to chafing, sun and other environmental factors. Cortisone is absorbed and “scattered” throughout the body. Some studies, have shown links between extended cortisone use, in children, and retarded growth, cognitive disturbances, tumors, glaucoma, and more recently asthma.

Cortisone (cortisol) is naturally produced by a person’s body. This “calms” pain and itching, to a certain degree throughout the day.

Cortisol levels are lowest between 2 and 4am- the time, when children and adult eczema sufferers, battle most with itching. Some parents resort to putting wet-dressings on their children’s itchy patches, in order to get some sleep. No particular environmental conditions are better than others – wet or dry environments can affect the condition.

Eczema can start at any age, from newborn, on. There is no age deliminator.