Eczema Cream for Itchy Skin Conditions

Skin Barrier Cream

 Eczema Cream for Itchy Skin Conditions

Eczema Cream Treatment for Itchy Skin

Eczema Cream

Healing Skin Support and Comfort- Eczema Treatment Cream

If you have Itchy Skin Conditions like Eczema, Sensitive Skin, Atopic Dermatitis, or Dry Itchy Skin Bettamed Care Cream is a safe and soothing alternative. This clever product has a growing following among those with sensitive skin issues, and eczema prone skin because its formula heals damaged skin cells and repairs the skin barrier, relieves dry skin and reduces eczema flare ups. CHD-FA and Canadian Willowherb are the ideal antidotes and reduce the immediate intensity of itchy skin.

Eczema Cream

Bettamed has the Best Eczema Treatment protocol for immediate relief and works on a long-term healing solution for recovery. Eczema flares recede as the Rosehip Oil and Vitamin strengthen the skin of eczema patients. Shea butter and Colloidal Oatmeal helps dry skin seal in moisture, while Chamomile and Rose Essence restore skin barrier function. Contact dermatitis and severe flare ups become less severe as the skin repairs and heals.

"This Cream deserves a Nobel Prize"- Prof Desmond P -Netcare


Skin barrier creams that properly moisturize the skin, and more importantly lock in moisture, should be used as the outermost layer as part of the eczema therapy.


Bettamed Care Cream is the best eczema treatment for those in search of eczema treatments that also reduce dependence on standard Cortisone or Steroid Cream use and the risks and Cortisone side-effects, like permanent skin damage and other health risks. Sensitive skin is weakened over time as Cortisone damages the skin’s collagen. Skin affected by mild eczema may respond to eczema lotions with Aloe Vera or coconut oil but will respond badly to body lotions containing fragrances and mineral oil.

Advances in Eczema Treatment and Eczema Repair Therapy are better understood through the lens:

  • Research studies published after 2010 and the invaluable work done for the Microbiome Project. A cure of up to 90% of symptoms is possible in 90- 120 days.

  • Immune System disruption in the stomach is the cause of Eczema, skin issues, and allergies and can be reversed over time.

  • Cortisone and Steroid Creams relieve symptoms but do not repair the skin cells and can make flare ups worse with use.

Eczema Symptoms

Eczema can start at any age, from birth, on. There is no age limit.

The condition is a dry, scaly skin condition, that often leads to debilitating itching and scratching. This scratching can be a necessity, and if the sufferer has dirty hands (like children often have), these patches often become infected with cracked skin and painful weeping sores. Sometimes blisters are present.

Eczema Sufferers report:

  • itching, and

  • the attendant lack of sleep, is the most debilitating aspect, related to the condition.

  • Cortisone in the form of Cortisol, is naturally produced by a person’s body. This “calms” itching throughout the day.

  • Cortisol levels are lower in the evening (around 10 pm) and lowest between 2 and 4 am- the time, when eczema sufferers, battle most with itching.

  • Some parents resort to putting wet-dressings on their children’s itchy patches, in order to get some sleep.

  • No particular environmental conditions are better than others – wet or dry environments can affect the condition.

Cortisone Creams (steroidal creams) Side Effects Explained

Cortisone Creams work well to alleviate the symptoms of eczema, with serious side effects.

Cortisone is absorbed and “scattered” throughout the body. Some studies have shown links between extended cortisone use, in children, and retarded growth (3) , cognitive disturbances, and glaucoma.

Prolonged topical use of Cortisone Creams, can lead to: – (changes start after 2 weeks of use)

  • permanent skin cell change, in the area of use, resulting in thinning of the skin- further skin sensitivity.

  • children being smaller than their siblings by the age of 12. (3)

  • children having attention deficits at school affecting learning ability.

    Steroid Cream or Cortisone Cream Side Effects

Eczema Causes

It is now understood that Antibiotic use, Anti-inflammatory Medication (incl. Celebrex, Nurofen & Asprin), Birth Control and Cortisone (steroids) are the main drivers for creating and worsening this condition. A weakened immune system, as well as poor compliance to the prevention and management of eczema through the use of good moisturisers, affect the outcome of skin health and the need for more and stronger prescribed steroid creams.

Food-and inhalant allergens are eventually able to penetrate into the upper layers of the epidermis, which sets in motion a cascade of increased allergic reactivity referred to as         “the allergic march”; to food allergies, often leading to asthma.

Eczema Skin Microbiome Immune-Skin



Useful Reference:

An Eczema study titled: “Recent advancement to prevent the development of allergy and allergic diseases and therapeutic strategy in the perspective of barrier dysfunction.”

– published 9 November 2017   on

 by Author: Osamu Natsume, Division of Pediatrics, Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, Shizuoka, Japan. 2nd Author: Yukihiro Ohya, Division of Allergy, Department of Medical Subspecialties, National Center for Child Health and Development, Tokyo, Japan

“As described above, both gut microbiome and skin microbiome have strong relationship with atopic dermatitis, ……. The birth cohort study implemented in Tokyo suggests antibiotic use within the first 2 years of life was a risk factor for current asthma, current atopic dermatitis, and current allergic rhinitis in 5-year-old children.83 This report supports the findings of a systematic review reported that a pooled analysis of 10 longitudinal studies showed that postnatal antibiotic exposure in the first year of life increased the risk of eczema (OR 1.40, 95% CI 1.19–1.64).84 Finding of the birth cohort study on the association of cephem and cephalosporin with asthma was similar to previous reports,858687 however, did not show an association of penicillin and macrolide with asthma,83 which differed from results of previous studies. ”

ADVANCED Eczema Skin Repair Therapy – Treatment Protocol

Weakened reactive allergic, eczema & itchy CAN BE TREATED…..with an Outside-in Approach!

  1. is now known as “leaky skin” by researchers, and

  2. has a direct link to “leaky gut” IMMUNE issues.



Eczema Cream for Babies and Children



It takes skin 90 days to heal and get back to its full thickness.

It takes the Immune System (Microbiome) 30 days (and in some individuals 90-180 days) to repair itself.




Bettamed “Cleanse & Recover” capsules (or liquid) can be used to repair the “leaky” stomach lining. Bettameds patented organic CHD-FA active ingredient has been shown to act naturally as an anti-inflammatory agent on par with diclofenac. This makes it imperative as a first step to getting the stomach flora to reseed from Probiotic foods.

Healthy Skin Starts in the<a href= Stomach with the Microbiome“>

Research has shown that:

  • People exposed to smoking, stress, anti-inflammatory medication, antibiotics, preservatives, alcohol, sugar, high simple-carbohydrate diets (bread, muffins, pizza, pie-dough) have reduced stomach flora diversity by up to 50% (2)

  • Up to 50% of people have reduced stomach flora by middle age and their stomachs do not reseed as vigorously when the stomach lining is inflamed and (therefore) “leaky”- only some people have STOMACH symptoms, while others may present with an inflammatory skin condition or health symptoms like asthma.

  • Poor microbe diversity and incomplete regeneration of the gut flora which creates skin & health issues, as more complex foods are introduced!!!

  • Probiotic foods with vegetable and fruit fibre are preferable to Probiotic supplements.

The use of antibiotics, poor food choices (sugar, artificial colourants, repetitive meals) changes the composition and function of a person’s gut microbiota, or “gut bacteria.” The trillions of bacteria in the human gut are reduced and affect our health.

Use with Bettamed Capsules to calm severe Eczema (use for 3-6 months)



Eczema studies have shown that poor absorption of Vitamin A, C, D & K, needed for skin re-thickening and healing is present in sufferers with skin issues.

Bettamed “Cleanse & Recover capsules” (or liquid) with organic CHD-FA, Vitamin A, C, Zinc and Selenium are the exact ingredients needed for the job.

Absorption is taken care of, because that’s what CHD-FA is used for by plants and humans naturally.

Adding an Omega 3 supplement is very important in this step, because Western Diets (and low fat diets) don’t have enough Omega 3, which acts as a carrier for Vitamin A, C, D & K, needed for skin health.

Bettamed helps transport Omega 3 supplements by upregulating specific Digestive Enzymes for these fatty acids.



With each eczema flare up or allergic reaction and the resulting contact dermatitis steroid creams thin the skin and perpetuate the “allergic march” caused by skin barrier failure (drawing above) and the cycle of cream damage, relief, itching, cream damage etc…

Dr Aron is well known world-wide for his Aron Protocol which involves the use of a mixed cream of Fusidic Acid  and Betamethasone or Beclomethasone . With a thick synthetic cream to seal the skin in- and the world out.  Often applied 3-5 times per day.!!

I’m not mad about this idea for a number of reasons:

  1. They are still suppressing symptoms and not dealing with underlying issues head-on.

  2. Damage and repair are trade-offs during treatment, with exposure to toxicity.


Bettamed Oxygen Spray 200ml – this healing anti-inflammatory spray is heals blisters and sores from scratching and helps control itching.

Bettamed Care Cream 50g or 410g Tub   Breakthrough formula– with No Cortisone

“This product deserves a Nobel Prize.” – Prof. Desmond P.

Bettamed Care Cream – Eczema Treatment Cream Benefits:

  • Chamomile and Rose Essences are time-honoured ingredients used to soothe and restore skin health.

  • Rosehip and Vitamin C help heal damaged skin.

  • Shea Butter & Colloidal Oats (gluten free), seals in moisture, to help restore skin barrier, and protect against environmental allergens.

  • Contains Colloidal Oatmeal ( which is gluten free)

  • CHD-FA and Willowherb, is the ideal antidote to itching

NOTE: This Eczema Cream should be used as a first step in your eczema skincare routine, followed by a good pure moisturiser, to create a barrier between your skin and environmental irritants.

This cream can also be used as a base with some Cortisone Cream, only if necessary.



Treating Eczema and itch relief is made simpler, by taking care of the skin’s natural barrier.

While the skin is still fragile it is very important to lock in moisture by adding a rich creamy lotion.

Over and above an eczema lotion, a second cream should be used to Seal the skin as a barrier to the outside world, and lock in moisture. This helps shield the leaky skin from outside irritants and helps calm eczema symptoms. In other words it acts as a “skin barrier cream”. Inflammatory skin conditions involve severely dry skin that react well to an eczema lotion followed by a moisturizing cream.

Skin Barrier Creams Help in Four Ways:

Soothe dry itchy skin

reduce eczema flare ups

Forms a healthy skin barrier

Skin Barrier Cream

Moisturizers with gentle, soothing, fragrance-free ingredients, are recommended. In South Africa, most pharmacies stock well-known moisturizers that are well-tolerated. Eucerin, E45, Cetaphil and Aveeno are good examples.

Cetamacrogol is a simple fragrance-free moisturizing cream that can be used to keep skin hydrated, unlikely to irritate skin, while it acts as the skin’s barrier. Cetamacrogol is gentle and often recommended for babies that have inflamed skin.

Irritated Skin and Eczema Flare Ups – Common Triggers

A sure way to soothe sensitive skin and reduce severe flare ups is to avoid triggers.

Fabric Softeners, foods with additives, fabric dyes and sugar are definitely culprits that make eczema worse. Avoid skin barrier creams that include Shea Butter, but are not fragrance-free! Essential oils with anti-inflammatory properties or promise itch relief can prove to be too concentrated for dry skin or cracked skin and can worsen eczema. Body lotion, skin care products and over the counter creams with a creamy texture are not necessarily a good damaged skin barrier or eczema therapy Lavender and geraniol are common fragrances used in these and known to cause eczema flares.

Use: Fragrance free soaps like Cetaphil or PURE soap, Bioclassic Washing Powder for Clothing and linen (Fragrance Free) and avoid Dairy, Eggs and wheat -if these are currently not tolerated because of stomach issues caused by “leaky gut”.

Other Treatments

Be wary of over the counter products and skin care products that promise to be the best eczema creams that contains Colloidal oatmeal, Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Hyaluronic Acid and Mineral Oil, but fail to understand or control itching or severe flare ups


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2. Gut Microbiome: Profound Implications for Diet and Disease by Ronald D Hills Jr, Benjamin A Potefract, Hillary R Mishcom et al- MDPI- Nutrition Jul 2019

3. Corticosteroid Treatment and Growth Patterns in Ambulatory Males with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Molly M Lamb PhD, Nancy A West, Lijing Ouyang et al- Journal Paedeatrics June 2016

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